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Elegant and Durable Custom Shower Doors

Shower doors are among the top bathroom trends of the year, and for good reason, too. Not only are they sleek and visually appealing additions to the bathroom, they also increase the resale value of the house (should you decide to sell it in the future). But thats not all. These lovely enclosures protect the other areas of the bathroom from constant exposure to moisture, and ultimately decrease the maintenance needs of said areas. Plus, they help keep you warm during chilly weather.

The Choice Is Yours

We offer an array of products, ranging from classic cubicles to sliding shower doors to the more modern frameless glass attachments. For smaller spaces, you could opt for bi-fold doors that open inwards or for a more space-saving option: sliding doors; for stand-alone showers at the corner of the room, neo-angled enclosures with hinged doors are recommended. We also offer customized walk-in enclosures that can cater to your individual needs. Rest assured, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Safety First

Here at JNB Glass, we make sure that the shower doors we install are fixed securely to your wall with metal-plated construction filings at fixed panel locations. These ensure the durability of the entire structure and guarantee the safety of the user as well.

A Price You Are Willing to Pay

Although our products are the perfect combination of durability and style, they do not bore holes into your wallet. Each shower enclosure is priced appropriately based on its size and the materials used. It is a luxury you can afford.

A Simple Way to Get Started

If you are interested with what we have to offer, you can request for a quote by filling out the form below and clicking send. Please be sure to indicate your name and email address, among other things, so that we will be able to respond to your queries. We are looking forward to doing business with you.

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