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  Mirrors for Every Space

Mirrors are common fixtures at home and even in offices. They are often found in the bathroom or the powder room. There are also instances when mirrors are used as focal points in various rooms or as a way to enhance the rooms aesthetic appeal. Regardless of where you want to install your mirrors, it is a good idea to leave it in the hands of experts. That is what JNB Glass is here for. With expert advice and high quality mirrors, you can design any space in your home or office exactly the way you want to.

Versatility of Mirrors
There are plenty of uses for mirrors. Aside from the vanity, there are framed mirrors hung on walls, floor to ceiling mirrors, mirrors that run the entire length of the room, backsplashes, and kitchen panels. The type of mirror that you choose will depend on what you are going to use them for.

All Shapes and Sizes
Mirrors come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. They can actually be cut into only shape or size that you desire. Of course, you will have to spend to have your mirrors custom cut in design that you choose. There are, however, a lot of ready-made-designs that are already available so all thats left for you to point your finger at the one you want.

Mirror Options
JNB Glass offers you an array of mirrors to choose from. You can go for framed ones or opt for unframed ones. There are also raised mirrors and beveled edge frames. If you do not find a mirror that matches your preferences, we can gladly cut mirrors to your specifications. You can even request to have your mirrors sandblasted with custom designs.

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