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The Best Glass Shopfronts for Your Business

Any retail establishment should have an attractive shopfront to draw your customers in. This will be what your customers will see first of course, you would want to create an excellent first impression. A clean shopfront with an unobstructed view would undoubtedly be the perfect way to showcase your retail space. At, JNB Glass, we can give you exactly what you need.

Modern vs Traditional

Its time to consider going for a frameless glass shopfront rather than for a framed shopfront. Our modern take on shopfronts are frameless glass panels that look clean and uncluttered. This gives you more flexibility when it comes to window dressing or shopfront merchandising.

Guaranteed Safety and Security

Our frameless glass shopfront installations are guaranteed to be made of high quality glass that will not easily be broken. Our expert glass technicians only use high quality safety class glass panels that will be able to withstand normal wear and tear. The panels are protected by layers of durable plastic sheets that will prevent any stray pieces from breaking off or chipping. You can also choose to purchase the laminated safety glass that is guaranteed to provide added protection and strength.

The More Practical Choice

Although framed shopfronts appear to be the cheaper option when it comes to price tags, going for a frameless shopfront is actually the more practical choice. The price tags are not that far apart and it makes sense to pay a little more for the added customer appeal of a frameless shopfront.

Get a Quote Now

If you are setting up shop or are thinking of renovating your shop exterior, do consider frameless glass shopfronts from JNB Glass. Wed love to help you spruce up your shop exterior so you can have more customers walking into your store. Drop us a message so we can give you an accurate quote for your frameless glass shopfront. We can assure you of high quality installations at affordable prices.


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