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 Professionally Sandblasted Glass

Sandblasting is one of the oldest ways to create decorative glass panels for homes, offices, and business establishments. Through time, the designs have evolved to match contemporary interiors. Professional sandblasting results in an elegant appearance that will stand the test of time. Fortunately, you can find modern designs for sandblasted glass right here at JNB Glass.

The Sandblasting Process

Sandblasting machines use small abrasive particles to create elegant etched designs on glass surfaces. The abrasive particles are propelled by a compressed air stream to give the glass technicians more control. The result of the often meticulous process is an elegant frosted glass design.

Your Design

We have an extensive selection of designs by our own creative team of industry experts. You can simply take your pick. We can also render your own designs if you wish. Just tell us what you want and we’ll take care of the design, production, and installation of the sandblasted glass panels for you.

The Right Fit

We can customize the glass panels to match your specifications. Similarly, you can also opt to have us sandblast only a portion of an entire glass panel. Since your glass panels will be delivered and installed by our team, you can be sure that it fits your space perfectly.

Right on the Money

JNB Glass specializes in installations that are customized to our customers’ preferences, requirements, and budget. We give you high quality products and craftsmanship at affordable prices. You can be sure that our team of experts will work hard to deliver nothing but the best.

You can have that meticulously styled glass panel for your foyer or that classic glass double door at the main entrance of your corporate offices. Just fill in the form below to send a quick message to our customer service representatives and we will gladly send you a price quote for our sandblasting services

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